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Tucked away in the heart of Alta Vista is a very special nursery school. With the guidance of certified Early Childhood Educators, children learn about the world they live in, each other and themselves.

Because this is a co-operative school, the educational experience is that much more meaningful for the children as well as for the parents. The nurturing environment created by the staff and parents makes this a truly special place for your child's first school experience.


Our Halloween Fair Fundraiser is coming up!
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Testimonials from last year's preschool parents:

"The preschool program at AVCNS has been a very enriching experience for my youngest child. He wasn't quite old enough for Kindergarten, even though he was developmentally ready to be in a school environment. The AVCNS preschool program provided the perfect alternative for our family."

"The approach to phonics at AVCNS has been wonderful for my son. It's served as a springboard into early reading and spelling for us!"

We are accepting ongoing registrations in the toddler/preschool programs.

2016-2017 Registration Packages
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We now accept online donations!
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Tuesday, September 6: First day of school